I’ve been riding and showing for 50 years, and I now go to Sally for input when something isn’t quite right with one of my herd. Sally’s demeanor is calm and welcoming to people as well as horses. In her journey to become a MMCP, I knew she would be fantastic. She worked on many of my school as well as personal horses. THEY LOVE HER. Her peaceful presence and gentle hands make the horses feel safe and comfortable. She can often identify a source of muscle restriction or discomfort that resolves a temporary issue while being very clear about her non-veterinary role. Equine body work is the real deal and Sally will be very successful at helping you and your horses achieve better functioning.​
Kenan A.
While I could understand causal connections of the Masterson techniques anatomically, as a trained scientific observer, the technique that left me frustrated and perplexed was ‘air-gapping,’ done without touching the horse. Although I saw multiple examples of horses “releasing to air-gapping,” proving to me that ‘something’ was happening, I was bothered by the absence of a scientific explanation. Sally inquired: “If it works, does it really matter why? I can help this horse now whether or not you have a scientific explanation.” I decided that was sufficient!
Gayle G.
Former research faculty at Duke Medical School and owner of multiple horses
Sally is my friend of forty years, but that does not diminish the integrity with which I share about her skill in Masterson Method body work. While visiting me in Florida, Sally worked on eBay, a warmblood on whom I take dressage lessons. Sally began what appeared to me to be lightly touching eBay. I felt a bit amused watching the pair as Sally is only 5’2” and eBay 17H, but as she moved from poll across his back and hindquarters, eBay began licking, chewing, and lowered his head. After another 10 minutes with Sally touching him, he began repeatedly yawning, which Sally explained was a sign of release. As she worked on his shoulders, he wrapped his big head and neck around her. I was smiling yet teary watching them together. I’m impressed with Sally’s passion about hands-on care of performance horses, rescues, retired thoroughbreds, and beloved pleasure horses who are recipients of her dedication.​
Marlene K.
I’ve owned horses all my life and tried a myriad of treatments for the aches and pains they suffer through competition and life in general. After witnessing my 20 yr. old Hanoverian Dressage horse receiving a Masterson treatment, I’m impressed with the positive response he’s showing. Truly amazing.​
Trudy C.
Sally knows horse anatomy from nose to tail, and the application of her techniques, along with her confident, calm leadership makes for a winning combination. Through Sally's sessions, I have gained useful information about my horse that I would have not otherwise known. And the best part is my horse truly enjoys her sessions. Every horse & owner can benefit from Sally's expertise - I highly recommend her.
Dee B.
I own a 19-year-old gelding Tennessee Walker. He was recently diagnosed by the vet with bilateral fixation of the medial patella. He has been compensating for this issue, especially during riding lessons. In less than an hour with Sally, I could see him transition to comfortably flexing, stretching, and relaxing. It warms my heart to see him so comfortable. I write down questions as she works. After the session, we debrief, and she explains in depth what happened. I feel good about being able to give my beloved horse the best of care as he ages. I am so pleased with the results that we are continuing MM sessions each month. Thank you, Sally!​
Kristy B.