Why Cloud Nine?

I am a certified practitioner in the internationally acclaimed equine bodywork modality, The Masterson Method®, and the sole practitioner (MMCP) at Cloud Nine Equine.

 The Masterson Method® is an integrated equine bodywork modality. In the context of equine bodywork, an integrated process involves several steps.  

First, I will ask you some questions.  What has prompted you to look for a Masterson Method® practitioner?  As the owner, trainer, or rider (or all three), you know your horse best. You recognize that ‘something just isn’t right,’ or perhaps have lots of information but not a solution.  I value and trust your observations, feelings, and even ‘hunches’ about what’s going on. Together, we will complete a comprehensive background assessment, looking at the full range of possibilities from “tack to toes to teeth” for the issue that prompted your call.  We will incorporate information you’ve already received from veterinarians, dentists, farriers, or saddle fitters, as well as other bodyworkers like chiropractors, masseuses, or acupuncturists. 

Second, I will ask your horse questions by touch, palpation, and observation. I’m looking for not only the obvious, i.e., pulling away from contact with the poll, or snatching the leg when asked for the hoof, or flattened ears in response to sacrum assessment, but also the most minute signals.  For example, blinking, lip quivers, ear twitches, chewing, shifting weight, or the slightest change in croup position. Your horse is speaking loudly without saying a word.  My job is to listen ‘beneath’ the bracing response that the horse naturally uses as a flight/fight mechanism or as the avenue to block discomfort.

Third, with our assessment complete, the session begins.  Importantly, you will have reviewed the Session Preparation guide with details on getting your horse and the session environment ready.  After the session, we will formulate an ongoing action plan.

While this bodywork could provide lasting relief for problems–even equine puzzles such as ‘mystery hind-end lameness’—please know that ‘a problem’ is not a prerequisite for a session: Many owners simply want to gift their horse a ‘spa day.’  And why not?  For all the joy your friend gives you, perhaps giving back a day of ‘feel goods’ resonates in your heart.

As efficient as The Masterson Method® is, having realistic expectations is critical.  Some performance issues simply are not correctable, that is, the horse may not be capable of doing what is asked.  No amount of treatment or medication can change some biomechanics, conformational, or systemic problems.  However, most owners want to explore options before making life-changing decisions for themselves and their steeds.  You’ll likely gather assessments from a full range of equine professionals.  Input from The Masterson Method® could help you to understand your equine partner in a new light.  While you would be disappointed if the problem were beyond correction, you would know that you explored possibility.  My promise is to be honest with you about your horse.

Sally Herring